Artwork for your home: what colours to choose

F. Yoswara, 31 Mar 2016

Artwork is a perfect way to decorate your house and giving it that homey and personalised look. However, it is also important to choose the right shades to get to the desired results!

The best and simplest way to choose your colours is by using the “Complementary Colour Wheel”. The wheel helps you in choosing the complementary colours by looking at the opposite side of the arrow. As an example if you choose red then the complementary colour is dark green while if you choose blue the complementary colour is orange.

Why use complementary colour?

Because it:

  1. Gives maximum contrast and is therefore eye catching.
  2. Provides stability and balance for the environment in your room.
  3. Gives a noticeable interesting effect to the room.
  4. Makes the room feel harmonious and soothing.
  5. Gives character to the room.
  6. Gives a vibrant and cheerful look to the room.

Below are a few examples of artwork and the use of complementary colours in different rooms in the house.

The Bathroom

Red and Green in the bathroom are vibrant and energetic colours that are likely to brighten up your day! The inclusion of a Red Towel ceramic artwork further supplements the modern style and concept chosen.

The living room

The above Red and Green abstract paintings are perfectly suited to be hung on any wall in the house. Together they provide two complementary colours which are red and green. In addition, they give a unique dimension by having agate gemstones accompanying the modern simple gold frames.

The Bedroom

The complementary colour of blue is orange, we can combine the baby blue colour of the bed frame with dark orange to see the contrast. In fact the pair of Chinese sculptures in bright orange give a unique look and the Pagoda lamp simply complements the look by being plain and have standard colours. This lamp is inspired by the optical illusion created when strong colours are applied to three-dimensional objects.

The author of this blog post, Ferlin Yoswara, is a young artist that specialises in contemporary art. She has won several art awards along the years and produced her work for renown organisations and individuals. She is also a jewelry artist having her own jewelry line.

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