Improvements that will increase the value of your property

A. Muscat, 27 Nov 2015

Improving the Kitchen

The kitchen and nowadays also the living room have become the part of the house where people spend most of their time. Therefore, it is natural for buyers to be mainly interested in this living space. Kitchen improvements may be very expensive, however if you wish not to spend much money, there are easy and quick fixes you may use to pimp the aesthetics of your kitchen. Changing old faucets with new ones, painting the room and making sure the kitchen counter is not chipped or damaged, may only cost you a few hundred euros but may increase the house value by thousands.

Improving the Bathroom

Similar to kitchens, bathrooms are very important to the buyer. While some improvements may be very expensive, small improvements can make a huge difference in the appearance of the bathroom. Shiny faucets, cleaned drains, freshly painted walls and thoroughly cleaned floor and wall tiles will do the trick.


Freshly painted rooms look aesthetically better and cleaner. Keep in mind, to use natural colors so that the buyer can imagine the room personalized to his taste. A bright colored room may be the reason your house sells lower!

Open up spaces

Currently buyers are looking to have maximized open spaces. The trend is to have a kitchen combined with the living room. So if it is possible to open up spaces by removing nonstructural walls or maybe removing an island that is giving a feeling of clutter, do so! It is logical that buyers are willing to pay more for a house that better meets their requirements.

Go green!

Nowadays buyers are very conscious about the environment but also about the cost of electricity. Installing a solar water heating and better insulation which will slash electricity prices can make all the difference. Therefore, if you have been postponing installing double glazed windows that will keep out of the house the excessive summer heat, do so now!

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