Moving in together

A. Muscat, 15 Nov 2015

Living together is one of the most important steps a couple can choose to make. It is therefore essential that this decision is not taken lightly and that the right time is taken to consider the implications of such a choice. Here are nine signs that show you are on the right track to finally go live with your partner!

1. You spend a lot of time at home

You are past the first stage of the relationship during which every night you tried to do something different and innovative. Although you like going out, often you prefer to spend the evenings at home with a good movie and a simple meal. In addition, you do not mind replacing a sophisticated outfit with a comfortable sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. You find nothing better than to sit huddled together for a chat!

2. You had arguments but your relationship survived the hurdle

You have arguments like every other couple but you try to communicate with each other and fix things as soon as possible. You are able to talk over the arguments that you had and your other half is willing to listen to your perspective and the other way round.

3. Your things are already at your partner’s house

You spend so much time at each other’s houses that you already start to take possession of some of the spaces. You have an extra toothbrush, cosmetics and even clothes at the house of your other half. You spend so much time at each other’s places that that you have a feeling of being at home even if technically you are not.

4. You prefer it when you spend the night together

After spending an early evening together, who would want to go through the trouble of crossing half Malta to return home? So it happens that most of the time you sleep at each other’s house or at least you would like to do so.

5. You know each other’s habits

The aura of mystery is something of the past. You know by heart your partner’s habits and so does the other. You know how they like their coffee in the morning and they know that you are not a morning person. You know what annoys the other and both have come to terms with these annoyances without having the false expectations that the other will change.

6. You know each other’s finances

Living together comes with shared financial responsibility. Therefore knowing each other’s financial situation and being able to communicate clearly on financial matters will enable you to manage shared finances without unnecessary stress.

7. You went on vacations together

Being weekend breaks or longer vacation periods, you have spent considerable time together and enjoyed each other’s company. Being just the two of you on a holiday made you feel good and only made you get closer together.

8. You are able to talk about anything

You talk things out! You are open to listen and also are able to share your feelings in a constructive way.

9. Your relationship expectations are aligned.

You both understand that when you move in together with your partner it does not necessarily mean that you want to get engaged or even married! That is why you have already discussed your expections of this relationship.

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