Malta from above

A. Muscat, 22 Nov 2015

The Exploration Brothers came on a holiday to Malta for a week and shot an amazing aerial video of Malta using their newly acquired drone. Below is a short interview with them about their experience in Malta.

Who are Exploration Brothers?

Exploration Brothers are literally 2 brothers, myself Maksym and my bother Andriy. We are hoping that in the future we will have more people on board. We will eventually grow the family and have other brothers that share the same enthusiasm for exploring the world and film production.

What made you decide to come to Malta?

We have a sister living and working in Malta and hence it is not our first time on the island. However, it is the first time we came to Malta with a drone! This was a game changer, since it pushed us to go farther and explore corners of Malta that we would not have even known existed. We sometimes drove an extra half an hour just to get one nice shot.

What did you love most about Malta?

We loved all of Malta! It has amazing spots and incredibly nice climate. Maybe it is a bit too hot in summer for what we are used to but then winter compares to a spring in Russia which is just the perfect climate!

What is something you will never forget about your trip to Malta?

We will never forget having to drive on the other side of the road, especially having a manual car and having to change gears on the other side. You need a good day to get used to, but eventually was worth it as driving allowed us to reach spots that would be hard to reach by other means of transportation.

If you had the possibility would you live in Malta?

I think so! The plan is to not to stick to one place and to explore the world as much as possible. But Malta would definitely be a great stopping point in the calm moments. This is especially so because of the mild winters here on this beautiful island!

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