Ways to romanticize you bedroom for Valentine's day!

A. Muscat, 5 Feb 2016

1. Red is the color

Red is the color of love and passion, so make sure you include this bright and vibrant color in the room décor. You can include the color by adding a heart shaped red cushion, red candles or the obvious red roses in an elegant vase.

2. Sweet fragrance

Set the mood by making sure the room smells flowery and fresh. Use scented candles or aroma therapy and set the romantic ambiance.

3. Soft Linen

Change the bed linen that you use on a daily basis with a softer kind of linen such as satin or velvet. The soft feeling will surely set the romantic vibe.

4. Ambience lighting

Dimed light is ideal. Candles are a really cheap and clever way to have the romantic kind of lighting. Alternatively, you can switch your light bulb to a red light, this gives a real romantic feel.

5. Romantic soft tunes

Music can be a determining factor for setting a romantic mood. Put some soft romantic music playing in the background.

6. Sweet treats

Chocolate and other sweets are perfect for the occasion. Even more romantic is a mix of fresh strawberries and chocolate fondue! Combine this with some champagne and you got it all!

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