Tips for real estate photography

A. Muscat, 8 Nov 2015

The saying ‘a picture says more than a thousand words’ is generally true. No matter how well you describe a room within your house, a picture will usually say it all in just a few seconds. For this specific reason, it is important to take pictures that showcase the best that the house has to offer. We encourage our readers to follow the following seven tips to obtain their own professional pictures should engaging a professional photographer not be an option:

1. Styled, tidy and clean

You may say that there is no need to state the obvious but for the sake of clarity we are mentioning this vital point. Buyers looking for a new home will be intrigued by a well styled, tidy and clean looking house. It is therefore fundamental that the house looks at its best; a few tips in this regard is to make sure that the rooms are clean and tidy, colours in a room are matching and room style is consistent.

Property photo of disorganised room
Property photo of organised room

2. Straight pictures

When taking any picture having the horizon as straight as possible is important to have a crisper looking picture. Buyers having to rotate there head by approximately 30 degrees in order to see what the room looks like when straight does not encourage home visits so keep your camera straight!

How not to take your real estate photo
Proper real estate photo

3. Avoid mirror reflections

This may be tricky when it comes to very small rooms however avoiding having the photographer being reflected in the mirror makes a photo look more professional. An additional tip for when photographing small rooms with mirrors is to try to aim at the corner of the room to increase perspective and make the room look bigger.

Property photo with mirror reflection
Property photo without mirror reflection

4. Ensure there is proper lightning

A dark and dull house is something to avoid. Having said that, the use of flash is highly discouraged as this kills the ambient light that characterises a room. When taking pictures, try to let in as much natural light as possible by opening the windows and doors of the surrounding area. Try capturing the light by using different angles to take the photo.

Dark real estate picture
Good real estate pictures

5. Highlight empty spaces

If a room has an empty space, highlight it by taking a picture from where such space begins. This will give the effect of a bigger and tidier room.

6. Shoot from doorway

Shooting the photograph from as far back as possible will help you achieve a wider angle and therefore make the rooms look bigger. Try taking the pictures standing in the door way but avoiding to have the door frame visible in the picture.

Property picture taken from too close
Property picture taken from doorway

All pictures have been provided to us by Dennis Calleja.

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