What to pack last when moving houses?

A. Muscat, 4 Dec 2015

Cleaning material

Probability is that you need to leave the place you are currently staying in clean for the new residents. Hence, make sure you have basic cleaning equipment and supplies to be able to clean the last minute items before leaving the place.

Cutlery and plating

You will need to be able to eat so do not pack all your cutlery and plating unless you have spare plastic ones that you are using in the meantime.


You may have food in the refrigerator, in the freezer and in the cabinet that need to either be thrown out, given away or be transported. In this process make sure that you keep some snacks and drinks handy for that hunger attack while moving all those boxes.

First aid kit

Make sure you have at least some band aids and paracetamol handy. You do not want to be going through tens of boxes in case of an emergency.


You will need these to take a shower before starting the moving process so make sure you leave at least the essentials out till the last day.

Bed lining and towels

You will be using the bed linen and towels till the last day. In addition, make sure you have also spare linen and towels in case you need clean ones on the last days.

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