Gharb is situated on the West of Gozo, it is believed that its name is derived from the Arabic word for sunset. In the striking countryside that surrounds this village, one can find the highest hill on the island with the name of Dbiegi.

The village was initially small community which evolved into an independent parish in 1679. The baroque-style Parish church was finished in 1729, and is devoted to the Visitation of Our Lady to St Elizabeth. The feast day is on 31st May though the village feast celebrations take place on the first weekend of July.

Basilica of Ta' Pinu is the most well-known church of the Maltese island and it is located in the limits of Gharb. It is said that, in 1883, the Virgin Mary spoke to a local woman and since then it has become the country's most popular shrine to the Virgin Mary. Also within the limits of Gharb is the charming Chapel of San Dimitri. People say that the chapel was built on the side of the cliff by a woman whose son was son was released from captivity by St. Demetrius.

The most known personality associated with Gharb is Francis Xavier Mercieca, known as Frenc tal-Gharb. He is famous for his healing tendencies using old medicinal herbs, his prayers, and methods such as massaging feet, despite never having studied medicine formally. He also able to recount a person’s past and foresee the future and hence he was highly sought as an advisor and healer from all over the Maltese islands. The house where he was born, lived and died between 1892 and 1967 is situated in Gharb.

Total population 1,539
Male / Female 48.70% / 51.30%
Population density 335 per km2
Area 4.6 km2

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Average price € 380,855
Average price per m2 € 1,234
Sold in the last 30 days 6
Currently for sale 103

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Multimedia/picture source: MyDestination Malta

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