Rabat, Gozo (Victoria)

Rabat, also known as Victoria, is the capital of Gozo and it is located at the heart of the island. A characteristic of the city is the narrow roads with corner niches of Christian saints. Considering that this is the most visited locations by tourist one can find several small shops selling traditional Maltese arts and crafts, ranging from woolens and lace to blown glass and cheap souvenirs. Every morning there is an open market in the square and hence this is the busiest time in this city. Around the square there are a number of bars and cafes where you can sit and enjoy the atmosphere of the town.

Within the capital lies the fortified old city, the Citadel. This old city was the centre of activity of the island since Neolithic times, and has been fortified during the Bronze Age (1500-700BC). Archeological ruins give indication that the old city was occupied by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Normans, the Swabians, the Angevines and the Aragonese. Later it was ruled by the Knights of the Order of Saint John, Napoleon and finally the British. The latter, named the city Victoria although locals still refer to it by its old name, Rabat, which was given by the Arabs.

Total population 6,901
Male / Female 50.00% / 50.00%
Population density 2,380 per km2
Area 2.9 km2

Real estate statistics

Average price € 325,541
Average price per m2 € 1,967
Sold in the last 30 days 43
Currently for sale 350

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Bordering with
Multimedia/picture source: MyDestination Malta

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