San Lawrenz

San Lawrenz is located in the west of the island of Gozo in between three hills, one of which is 195 metres above sea level making it the highest point of the island. The striking Dwejra Bay is found within the limits of this village. This world-renowned attraction is known for its unique geological and ecological features including the natural reserve Fungus Rock, the majestic Azure Window and the intriguing Inland Sea. The rare geological features of this area are present also underwater, the renowned Blue Hole, the Coral Cave and a succession of caves and cliff walls host a wide range of marine life making this a perfect location for diving enthusiasts.

In Dwejra, the Dwejra Tower built by the Knights in 1651 is still standing. This tower was used as a coastal defense but was later used to safeguard the Fungus Rock (Hagret il-General) and the priceless curative fungus that was cultivated there.

The chapel of the village is dedicated to Saint Anne and there are indications that date as far back as 1545. This chapel has been renovated and even rebuilt several times through the ages, with the latest works being done in 1665. Legend has it that a stream had emerged while the rebuilding of this chapel was in progress, and then it dried up just after this project was completed. It is believed that this was God's divine intervention.

The Church dedicated to Saint Lawrence was built by the villagers and was completed in 1889. The church contains numerous beautiful art works, including four paintings by the famous artist Giuseppe Cali depicting Christ on the Cross (1892), Our Lady of Pompeii (1893), San Michael (1891) and Saint Joseph (1892). The church was declared a parish in 1893, on becoming a parish it assumed the same name as its well-loved Patron Saint, Saint Lawrence, whose feast is celebrated on yearly on 10th August.

Total population 748
Male / Female 49.90% / 50.10%
Population density 208 per km2
Area 3.6 km2

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Average price € 578,900
Average price per m2 € 2,759
Sold in the last 30 days 3
Currently for sale 16

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Situated in one of Gozo's most quiet villages, this farmhouse is in centre of San Lawrenz with lovely country views and distant se
Situated in one of Gozo's most quiet villages, this farmhouse is in centre of San Lawrenz with lovely country views and distant se
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