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  • Bingemma, Mgarr
  • Fomm ir-Rih, Mgarr
  • Gnejna, Mgarr
  • Kuncizzjoni, Mgarr
  • Mgarr
  • Santi, Mgarr
  • Zebbiegh, Mgarr
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All of Malta's Real Estate - Block of Apartments in Mgarr

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We have a total of 3 properties listed as blocks of apartments, so if you are looking for block of apartments for sale in Mgarr, look no further!

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All 3 blocks of apartments in Mgarr, Northern Malta

Block of basement garages (also to be extended in future on to adjacent back site), ground floor maisonette, overlying apartments
Mgarr- A well-planned Block of Apartments will be approaching the heart of this sought after village of Mgarr where one can enjoy
2  2  110m2